In the streets of Delhi #1

Under the shadow of flickering street lights, I unexpectedly saw two artists working passionately to capture some random moments in their sketchbooks. They were sitting on the pavements on a completely barren railway station in Delhi while I was awaiting my train. The atmosphere was dull like dark water in a secluded pond, but as […]

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I just heard

As I was ambling along my way to reach my home after a long tiring day, I heard a few croaky manly voices whispering behind a big wall. I don’t know who they were, but they had a dream of making everybody alike. Their conversation was so excitingly that I could not stop myself from eavesdropping. Only one man was […]

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When Life becomes miserable

  Everybody who lies in the circle of human life feels miserable and pathetic at some point of their life. Be it the greatest of sportsmen or the greatest of artists or the greatest of businessmen, they have all been despondent at some stage of their career. But, interestingly, as the time passes, we all […]

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Her Fantasy

Crossing the chasms of her life with his hand clenched to hers is her fantasy. She lives in the realms of her dreams where her every difficulty, her every obstacle would have a guardian in his form. She believes his camaraderie would unwind her every dilemma. She believes his chivalry would outweigh the anxiety of her present […]

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Daily Prompt: Mope

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” – Stephen King Every new year comes with new hopes and possibilities. We plan and set our goals for the year, make new resolutions that we think we might accomplish this year, unlike the previous times. We also hope that our […]

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Daily Prompt: Renewal

We all have that somebody whom we left or somehow lost in the life’s journey. Don’t we?But we wonder if that somebody we loved, somebody we cared, somebody with whom we enjoyed that fantabulous time could be with us. We wonder if we could ever renew, ever resurrect, ever revive our bond, our relation, our […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Paths

Some paths are hardly definable for one can only feel them by treading over these mysterious tracks. Their imprints get engraved deep in our heart which can only be discerned by our mind’s eye. Every person perceives them in a uniquely different way. They may take you nowhere yet they are worth exploring. They are inexplicable […]

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