Life is like the ocean

Life is like the ocean: full of mysteries, full of difficulties, yet full of opportunities and wonders. You never know what’s coming ahead. Whether you will encounter storms which will overturn your ship and eat you with it or whether you will find some hidden treasures which will make your life wonderful. You are the […]

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Hey Selfie Lovers

Hey Selfie Lovers, How are you? Your selfies look amazing and so do you, especially your smile. The way you Chuckle and giggle while taking them is very bewitching. Besides, the risks you take while clicking them is jaw-dropping. Though I know your camera adds a little sheen to them, but still your happy faces are what I […]

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In the streets of Delhi #1

Under the shadow of flickering street lights, I unexpectedly saw two artists working passionately to capture some random moments in their sketchbooks. They were sitting on the pavements on a completely barren railway station in Delhi while I was awaiting my train. The atmosphere was dull like dark water in a secluded pond, but as […]

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I just heard

As I was ambling along my way to reach my home after a long tiring day, I heard a few croaky manly voices whispering behind a big wall. I don’t know who they were, but they had a dream of making everybody alike. Their conversation was so excitingly that I could not stop myself from eavesdropping. Only one man was […]

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When Life becomes miserable

  Everybody who lies in the circle of human life feels miserable and pathetic at some point of their life. Be it the greatest of sportsmen or the greatest of artists or the greatest of businessmen, they have all been despondent at some stage of their career. But, interestingly, as the time passes, we all […]

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