About Me

WHY ARE WE LIKE THE WAY WE ARE? Why do we do what they do? What makes us think & what makes us to take certain action just the way we do?

Well, these are the questions in search of which I am operating this blog.

Flâneur is the right word that defines me. I am the one who wants to wander around in this world & observe different societies and cultures.

Psychology is the subject that enthralls me, philosophy is one which makes me more curious, while human beings are my subject.

So far, I have learned that the more I read & observe, the more I feel that I know nothing about the world & humanity. Whatever I write is just an amalgamation of the thoughts & learning that I have got by reading good books written by some of the wisest persons.

By my storytelling, I want to inspire the world and enfeeble the prejudices of the society.

E-Mail – rahulbatra.rb@outlook.com
Contact- (+91) 8527118853

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