Face Your Fears

Langoor is having its share of ice-cream

The moment I arrived in Rishikesh last week, I decided to leave the camp and go for the trek to meet new people, do some random stuff that I usually do whenever I travel…

I left my camp alone because others traveling with me wanted to take rest after the full night drive. Earlier, I was making plans in my mind to somehow leave them to go solo but in vain as all my friends were tired and gave me space to wander alone and explore.

As soon as I left the camp and went for the trek, I faced my first struggle. I had to face hungry monkeys, sitting at the roadside staring directly at me. They were in the groups of 5 to 8 every 200–300 meters.

To be honest, I was scared by the look of them and didn’t know what to do. However, one thing was certain that there was no going back to the camp. So I took a deep breath in and thought for a while and decided to face the fear head-on.

I knew that they were plenty in number and can bite me and snatch my bag. I realized that some ‘National Documentary’ and ‘Discovery’ lessons would come handy that day. So I was careful enough to not to look at them directly in their eyes, walk straight without doing anything that may intrigue themselves and most importantly avoid the babies of the monkeys at every cost.

As soon as I crossed a group, one of the monkeys from the group would signal to the other group in their language that there is someone alone coming towards you and if he does anything to you, we will be there for you and attack him.

I knew that I was in a monkey kingdom so have to be on my toes at every step that I take. As I crossed, 2–3 groups of monkeys, I was a little relieved and gained the confidence to counter them.

However, after a little while, I saw a monkey who was hanging by its tail on a tree branch with less than a meter away from me. I was scared to the death. For a moment, I shrieked and then quickly controlled myself while realizing that there’s no human being around to help me. Took 2–3 steps away and moved towards my direction while constantly checking him stealthily.

I kept faith in myself and kept acting as if I were superior to them. I knew that I can’t run faster than them and hence running was never an option. I had to switch my lane from left to right and vice-versa depending on which side the monkeys were sitting.

That very moment, I realized that knowing many things can’t really solve the problem until or unless you know how to apply them in a scenario.

Facing your fears isn’t easy of course, but the more you face it the lesser intense they become. You have to face them again and again to make you strong. That’s what happened that day. In the morning, I was terrified to see them. But in the evening I got so close to one of the Langoors that I clicked the above picture standing just a meter away. Beautiful isn’t it?

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