Understanding Drinking from a Teetotaller’s Mind

For long I loathed drinking, for long I hated people who drink, for long I thought good people never drink, however, I must admit, I was wrong. Though I still don’t love drinking and, in fact, will never drink as far as I have control over my senses, I don’t really hate people who drink anymore. I don’t dislike those people who don’t abuse or become violent after drinking anymore. I have come to realise that drinking doesn’t make any person good or bad; in fact, it rarely defines a person’s character which I earlier thought that it does.

What I most like about the people after they are drunk is that they can unmask themselves and be what they are.

I have realised that most people drink primarily to unburden their mind with all the mess that is going on in their life; to run away from all the struggles that they are facing in their life, at least for some time; to do what they would actually do under their normal sense, without wearing any fake mask; to have a smile on their face which they have lost amid the daily life stress and tensions.

We all are odd, we all do peculiar things which, we feel, will embarrass us in the society. And, therefore, what I most like about people who drink is that they can do stuff which they would hardly do in public when they are not drunk i.e. to be themselves.

While people are drunk, one can easily get to know them very closely and feel their happiness. One can see their strange dance and listen to their unmelodious singing. One can learn about their struggle & hardship, listen about their failed relationships, and feel what they have gone through in their life. They would tell you what their dreams are and what their miseries are, who hurt them the most in their life, who would they like to kill if they ever get a chance to.

I don’t know how alcohol actually functions, but the way it makes chemical changes in the mind, it deceives all the fear that one has and fills their heart with courage. That’s why I like people after drinking because of the way they gather strength in themselves and finally decide to be themselves and not wear any veil. I like the way it makes them jolly and imparts that smile on their face, which they would crave all day long and would never have under normal circumstances.

In normal life, everyone tries to show that they are having the time of their life despite having thousands of problem buried in their heart. What alcohol does best is that it lays off that dust and lets the real emotions come out. One can thus realise that we are all imperfect and every person has some kind of difficulty in their life.

These opinions, however, haven’t changed drastically. My mamma used to say that drinking is bad and only malignant people drink. And slowly the people who drink transform into some kind of gangsters, which I still believe holds true that excessive drinking along with very little education lets people to ruin themselves and allows them to involve in dreadful activities more frequently.

From that time, I always believed that drinking is bad both for health as well as for the attitude and defines one’s character.

Today, however, I believe that drinking alcohol lets people to be free and do what their heart dearly wants them to do. I feel that drinking alcohol is no sin, though one must maintain a caveat to drink as a responsible drinker.

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