It’s not Men, in fact, it’s the Women who Control this World

Mr. V aka Vihan that psychologist friend of mine who told me that every Human Being is more or less acting Fake in this world, this time around told me a captivating story about women. Mr. V has gained some weight lately, he looks rather short because of his paunch. Though he promises me that he will have 6-pack abs when he will publish his first book.

Women can bewitch even a stone with their beauty, then who are men in front of them? Perhaps nincompoops whose biggest weaknesses are women. It’s not men who control this universe, my buoy, which it seems they do, in fact, it’s the women who run the show,” Mr. V introduces the topics to me to which I was taken aback.

Men control the world, but women control the men.
— Sherry Argov 

“Almost every man is in love with this sizzling creature, their charming smile, their enthusiastic voice, their gorgeous looks, their glittery eyes mesmerizes a man and forces him to take decision according to that woman’s will,” he further adds, having no doubts whatsoever in his beliefs.

But how can men, who are sitting at the helm of every decisive position that’s out there to govern the society and the world, ever be controlled by women?” I enquired.

“Why not my buoy, why not? Why can’t that be possible? Let me tell you a story,” he instantly responds as if he was waiting for this question.

You already know how stubborn I am, how unmoulding I am, how rude I am, how very strange I am and, when it comes to life, how diametrically opposite my thoughts & views are to the people of this world. If I can go against my parents because of my ideology of not yielding to what this stupid society wants. If I can struggle and fight for everything and anything for what is right. No, not what I believe is right but the things which are morally and ethically right. I don’t care if it’s against the society. I will do things which are said by some of the most influential people who have ever lived on this Holy Earth,” he says emphatically trying to make a statement.

“But how is it ever connected with women, my dear friend?” I interrupted. “Aren’t we dissenting from the topic?”

“Surely not,” he says assuredly trying to lay emphasis that how firm and unmoulding his beliefs are. “A woman came to my life. She is very very sweet, very charming, very fascinating, very amusing, very talkative and the dimple on her left cheek of her face just tries to prove that how even countenance cherishes her.

“Whenever I would talk to her, it would feel as if someone from heaven, in the form an angel like her, has come to meet me, to guide me, to show me what life is, to tell me that all through my life I was wrong in going only after the wisdom; and to tell me that if I have somebody’s love with me, I have everything in the life.

Today, I laugh whenever there’s a smile on her face and I am sad whenever she has a trivial trouble in her life. She would make me talk about love and people for hours rather than ideas and science which I love. I, sometimes, feel as if my soul was craving for her. I, who would have earlier hated doing some stuff  & would have never done under my natural self, would now succumb to her & do things just to put a smile on her face. I make plans & strategies to no use as she always comes up with something so simple & yet very interesting that I wonder why do I use so much brain when all things are very simple in life,” he adds trying to show how vulnerable he has become to that women’s will.

isn't it the women who rule this world152429942..jpg

“I have forgotten that I have some perspective in my life that I want to reinvent psychology. Today, I am just doing stuff which she desires and have transformed into a mere puppet, who, in the name of love, would do anything. So now clearly, I have no doubt whatsoever that it is not I — or men for that matter — who run the show, but, in fact, it’s that sweet loving feminine creature who runs this world. If the reins of men’s mind are in the hands of women, then isn’t it the women who are ruling the world? What do you think my buoy?”

My mind was so exhausted after that that I couldn’t think of anything for a while. But now, I wonder whether the men actually exist as puppets and are trying to compete with only other men to win over the women; I wonder whether every man goes through this phase just like my friend has and bows down to the woman who makes him smile. I wonder whether women really bewitch men and are ruling this world in disguise.

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