What’s This Coolness All about?

Why do people these days think that they are doing all the cool stuff in this world?

Is watching movies all day long really a cool stuff? Is drinking beer in a pub every weekend with our so-called friends a cool stuff? Is eating out regularly really makes someone that very cool that they can boast about it day-in and day-out? Does listening to international music (the music that is culturally very different) and then bragging it off makes somebody cool? And does posting cool selfies every now and then – trying to show the world that we are doing COOL things – really makes somebody cool?

Moreover, people are following trends – without even caring what they stand for – just to show the world that their coolness doesn’t hamper their intellectual growth.

People who do these peculiar things believe that they are doing something amazing in the world; that they are moving out of the patriarchal society and doing what is cool or rather what makes them look cool in others’ eyes.

But isn’t this stuff promoting narcissist behaviour and breeding a self-obsessed society where all we care about is ourselves and doesn’t give a damn about the society?

8 thoughts on “What’s This Coolness All about?

    1. Hey Riya,
      You are right people are doing stuff just to act like somebody who is very modern and cool… However, the reality is quite different..
      People are talking about their own pride & achievements without even giving a damn about the society.. that is very disheartening to me…


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