Child Beggars: They Hardly Have A Future

Sitting outside the Delhi metro station was a child beggar disguised as Lord Hanuman. Covering his body with Multani mitti (or fuller’s earth), wearing only a boxer, and having a pouch to collect the money, this innocent looking child was waiting for the passengers to give him donations.

As soon as he saw me clicking his pic, he came rushing forward to ask for money. Handing him a 1 coin, I felt a little awkward as I knew neither my money nor anyone else’s money will help this child to have a brighter future ahead. He would never be studying, he would only be floundering with his family from one station to other so that he can earn more by begging.

These children and their family resort to beggary because of the widespread poverty in India. Their families migrate from the rural villages and beg around day in & day out to make it their profession of earning bread & butter.

When they are supposed to study and enjoy their childhood, they are out there on the roads begging for their family. They don’t know what life is and what their future would be like and, unfortunately, neither does their parent know who are forcing them to beg because their only aim is to fill up their tummy and face the rest of the life as it comes.

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