It’s All About Timing

“Right time, right place, right people equals success.
Wrong time, wrong place, wrong people equals most of the real human history.”
― Idries Shah

In life, we blame God, other individuals and whomsoever we can find for anything bad that happened to us. We never realise that thousands of misfortunes would have occurred had things happened at the wrong time. A second too early or a second too late might have caused a catastrophe in our lives.

A few days ago, while I was going to my office, I saw a monkey pass along the boundary railings outside some houses. Discerning no human threat whatsoever, it was ambling along them.

After seeing anything related to animals, especially monkeys, I try to guess what it would do next. But no sooner had I lifted my head to analyse the surroundings than I saw an Indian woman soaking her hair with a towel in her veranda (because older generation still finds it hard to adjust with hair dryers). Her head was down and her wet hairs completely blurred her vision; and she was busy twisting her hairs with the towel (trust me, it really looks awkward to see women do that).

When I saw the monkey approaching her house, I thought she might get the shock of her life if she lifts her head just at the wrong moment, for she was standing within a stone’s distance from that boundary. Seeing monkey in front of her, she might shriek and attack it with anything that she finds, because in a knee jerk reaction people don’t have much control over their actions. Monkey might also respond to her and may even attack. A drama, therefore, I felt could have occurred if co-incidentally many things happened at that moment.

But all my fancies of imagining bad things rested in peace when the monkey walked passed quietly and the woman didn’t lift her head until the monkey was out of her vision. I expected the monkey to stop and observe the lady but nothing of that sort happened.

As soon as the monkey walked past her house, she lifted her head, put her towel on a cloth dryer stand and walked in calmly as if nothing happened because nothing happened except in my mind.

I don’t know why but I expected some drama. Maybe because we always expect some dramas in others’ life. But when I reached Office, I asked myself what if she had lifted her head when the monkey was in front of her? And how many times in our life our dangers get averted just because we do things a second too early or a second too late?

As I pondered over this incident, a memory of my childhood came rushing to my mind. It was when my childhood friend, Bheem, and I were going to play cricket.

A man was walking before us and he swayed a wire attached to an electric pole in a very unusual way that it vibrated to and fro. Seeing this, Bheem went ahead to shake the same wire. I also wanted to do something like the just man went before us did, but it was my friend who made the first move.

Unfortunately, as soon as he touched the wire, he got a heavy shock and fell down. Barely 10 seconds before, a man touched it but nothing happened. While when my friend touched, he got a shock. But fortunately for him, he survived the shock though his hand got burned. After the incident, his parents blamed God, the man who walked before us and also me because I was with him.

Had the electric current in that wire would have come just after my friend had touched it, it would have been me who would have got the shock.

Though both the stories are very different and very meagre when compared to tragedies of this world. In one, the misfortune was just avoided (because I have seen people get seriously injured by monkey’s attack). However, in the other, due to the mutual occurrence of many things, an accident did occur. But when taken in mind all the minute details of the incident and thinking it from a bigger prospect, I found that when many minute things coincidentally happen at the wrong place and wrong time, then a misadventure can occur.

It’s life and only when the things that coincidentally happen at the wrong moment do we realise that something bad has happened to us. We human beings blame the circumstances, GOD, other individuals for anything bad that happens to us. Without realising that there are thousands of other circumstances in which a danger is averted just because these minute things didn’t mutually occur at the same time. We all say to God, why did HE choose me? We all crib when a tragedy happens but we must realise that some things happen merely through chance or accident.