Dilemma Called Choice

Should I buy an iPhone 7 or should I go for the world’s smartest android phone Samsung S8? Should I buy a low-rise skinny jean with tapered legs or should I go for mid-rise slim fit with narrow legs? Should I have a farmhouse pizza with extra cheese or should I have a barbecue chicken with pan base?

Well, the choices these days are aplenty. And as there are more choices, the more are the chances of choosing better things according to our requirements, isn’t it? Be it buying a mobile phone, earphone, watch, jeans, sunglasses, pizza, burger, etc. we find enough options to choose the right product and accessories.

However, whenever we go out there to buy anything, these choices put us in a kind of dilemma by providing a plethora of choices before us. We have to decide, at almost every stage of life, what suits us better or which pizza would taste sumptuous or which product would be most durable.

Monica, a friend of mine, says she always finds it difficult to make a decision when there are so many choices before her. “Whenever I go there to buy a ‘top’, I would select 4-5 tops which would all look beautiful. However, when it comes to buying, I wouldn’t buy any because these choices create a havoc in my mind. My reference point changes by seeing each top, which either makes me to buy all or buy nothing at all. Sometimes, I would reject a beautiful dress just because I couldn’t find a perfectly matching earrings with that dress even after 2 days of continuous shopping. I wish I could buy them all and never had to make choice among these very confusing & amazing options.”

We get frustrated with so many options and just because we don’t want to make a wrong call, we leave the shop even after giving so much time from our busy schedule.

Sanju, a colleague of mine, says that after spending almost 5 days before actually deciding and buying an AC, when his AC started creating problems in the very first month itself, he was very disappointed. “With around 50 AC brands out there in the market, I had so many choices yet I chose a brand that was defective. I regretted and blamed myself for all this.”

We often face difficulty in deciding what to buy and what not to buy. Yet, even after making the choices there is no guarantee that we have made the right choice. If the product wears off very early, we have nobody but ourselves to blame just because there were so many choices before us and we still made the wrong decision.

We even procrastinate while deciding what to buy and what not to buy because of these variety of choices put before us. We tend to look for the perfect options from the choices put before us and waste too much time on deciding irrelevant matters in life.

So, aren’t these choices playing with your freedom? Because with so many choices, making the right choice has become very stressing and often very time-consuming. These choices, which were meant to make our selection power better, have become a problem which occupies most of our thinking brain whenever we go out there to buy anything.

So how can we make a more satisfying decision and avoid the chances of going into a state of paralysis?

Well, the answer lies in limiting our choices just like we put limitations on our expectations in life. Say, before going into a shopping mall, we would view only 8-10 T-shirts (this perhaps maybe too small a number to imagine initially, but can be changed accordingly) and buy the one which looks better and leave the showroom if nothing suits our taste.

If we want to buy only a single t-shirt, and have already shortlisted 3, we tend to look for more options, isn’t it? But why do we like to see more? Because our intuition says we can find a better option, isn’t it? Well, there is always something better than what we have. Remember the first iPhone? How much perfect it was? The fanfare it got. With a 3.2 Mega Pixel camera, it could take stunning images & satisfy our needs. Yet it is no longer used now. Because we have shifted to an iPhone 7 generation which is one of the best phones in the market today. With 3 cameras in a single phone, it has almost replaced a DSLR. Yet it will fade away somewhere down the line, say after 2-3 years.

The point is we would always find something that is better than what we have. Therefore, we must try to put a limit on our choices so that these choices don’t lead us to a state of paralysis where we would have nobody but ourselves to blame.

Limiting the choices by filtering the options – in whatever way we can –  is a way by which we can avoid confusion. Because if we don’t, our reference point will change according to the options we see and we would tend look for the things which haven’t been discovered yet and, in turn, might never be able to make a final call.

12 thoughts on “Dilemma Called Choice

    1. Thank you Subbashini, I am glad that you liked the article.
      Yes, just like your husband, every one is wasting too much time in deciding what to buy these days.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting the dilemma we face everyday, but I would like to add a point. Dont you think the plethora of options we have and the methodology we adapt to chose actually hone our decision making, which helps us to take big decisions in life.

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    1. Yes you are right. These choices do help us to hone our decision making and help us choose better things. However, excess of choices plays with our mind and makes us to procrastinate our decision.


    2. And can you please enlighten me that how it helps us to take big decision. (I never thought like this)


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