Your Colour Doesn’t Define Your Character

Black and White — the colours of death and life — are two most important colours in the history of humanity. Without them, it seems, there couldn’t have been such diversity in human race.

From centuries these colours are used as a precondition to define a sophisticated soul. These colours which were used to define darkness and light find more semblance with moral values, character and integrity of the human race.

Whereas, one is a luxury to have, other is a disgrace and defines you as a ‘nigger’ in the world.
One says you are beautiful, other straightaway says you are ugly.
One exudes respect, while other is often neglected from the society.

Despite so many differences, none describes what’s beneath the skin — a Human or a Demon. Then how come the colour of the skin makes so much difference? Why is our society ensared with prejudices and biasness towards coloured people?

Generations came and generations went but we haven’t realised that the colour of the skin has nothing to with a civilised heart and beautiful soul entrapped in a body.

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