Life is like the ocean

Life is like the ocean: full of mysteries, full of difficulties, yet full of opportunities and wonders. You never know what’s coming ahead. Whether you will encounter storms which will overturn your ship and eat you with it or whether you will find some hidden treasures which will make your life wonderful.

You are the sailor of your ship. You can wander in any direction. You can stop at any island. You can do whatever you want, but in pursuit of your world, you will find some life changing scenarios.

Islands in oceans are nothing but like different situations in life. Sometimes, you land on a barren Island where you find nothing apart from scorching heat and salty sea water. It’s that phase of life which either defines your character and builds you for the future or breaks you for the rest of your life. It tests your fears, your patience, and your will-power. It shows you your real worth. And most importantly, it shoots down your ego.

It makes you humble and modest or irritating and petulant for the rest of your life. You may believe that you are the only reason behind your every difficulties and problems or blame on your boat, tides, God or those tiny planktons floating in the ocean.

At some other points, you might find an island where you can stop and halt to drink fresh water, collect wood and other necessary objects to prepare for your next journey. At this stage, you have the luxury to become complacent and get confined to that place and brew up your prejudices and narrow-mindedness. Because once you stop exploring and expanding your horizon, your prejudices convert into beliefs which, in turn, inhibits your growth and you descend downhill.

So explore, go out and sail your ship to an unknown and a yet to be explored world. Otherwise, the people and society like wind and tides will drift you wherever they want to: be it among the cold freezing glaciers or at a place where there is only darkness and catastrophe.

If you let your ship to sail in the direction the wind is blowing, the chances of landing into a humane society — full of ideas and exploration — are next to minimal.

Therefore, it’s your choice: to either explore it or let the comfort of your life rule it and stay wherever you are.

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