Everything Is Wrong With Our Food


Oh God! What’s wrong with this world?

Why is there so much liking towards fried foods?
Why do we love to drink sugar soda disguised in the form of Coke and Pepsi?
Why does this world go berserk with pizzas?
Why is the world around us filled with all unhealthy food and habits?

Of course they taste sumptuous, but aren’t they supposed to affect our health? Aren’t they supposed to be occasional foods which we have inculcated as regular ones?

Why’s there no logic in this world? Why it’s the tendency of humans to go for bad habits and bad foods first?




6 thoughts on “Everything Is Wrong With Our Food

    1. Yes, it does trigger our mind. And therefore it also shows how we become vulnerable towards these habits and, at the same time, lack the capability to control our mind.

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  1. Eat wisely heed my words
    Healthy food and you’ll live for years
    Don’t dam yourself dam your peers

    Okay okay I must confess
    I eat what is ever on my platter
    Does it really matter, oh yes!


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