Hey Selfie Lovers

Hey Selfie Lovers,

How are you?

Your selfies look amazing and so do you, especially your smile. The way you Chuckle and giggle while taking them is very bewitching. Besides, the risks you take while clicking them is jaw-dropping.

Though I know your camera adds a little sheen to them, but still your happy faces are what I admire the most. The smile on your face emanates a different kind of emotions which I would love to see every day and night of my life.

But whenever I look in the real world to find such exuberant stuff like what manifest in your selfies, I always get disappointed. I look around with the hope of seeing some smiling faces but I can’t find people like you except occasionally.

I wish I could get some positive vibes from your exuberant spirit. I wish I could see people face challenges with the same courage like you exhibit while taking selfies, be it at the edge of the cliff or with a wild animal.

I must tell you very plainly that I tried my level best and now I am tired of finding you. So may I know where do you live in this real world?

An Admirer of smiling faces

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