In the streets of Delhi #1

Under the shadow of flickering street lights, I unexpectedly saw two artists working passionately to capture some random moments in their sketchbooks. They were sitting on the pavements on a completely barren railway station in Delhi while I was awaiting my train.

The atmosphere was dull like dark water in a secluded pond, but as they say, you can find art anywhere, all you need is passion and a creative mind constantly striving for the beauty. These guys were painting and sketching some moments which, if they would religiously do, could transform them to become the top artist of their generations.

3 thoughts on “In the streets of Delhi #1

  1. Such dedication to what they are passionate about. The artists must do what they do day in, day out, each and every day for nothing much in return. Agree with you that we can find art anywhere. If we open our mind and start asking questions, we’ll see stories everywhere around us and so, see art everywhere around us 🙂

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    1. When I saw them sketching in that dull environment, I, obviously, was amazed. Till then, I had never seen such passion in real life.
      And yes, a curious word called ‘why’ can provide stimulus to countless stories in artist’s mind in any given situation.

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