I just heard

As I was ambling along my way to reach my home after a long tiring day, I heard a few croaky manly voices whispering behind a big wall. I don’t know who they were, but they had a dream of making everybody alike. Their conversation was so excitingly that I could not stop myself from eavesdropping. Only one man was whispering, while the others were patiently listening to imbibe it deep down their veins and spread the message forward.

“We will make everybody like us,” were the first world that went into my ears. “With the kind of enhancement we are making in every part of this world, our dream of becoming one will become a reality by the end of 2050, and there would remain nobody but us,” he said assuredly.

We can’t have so many cultures with each one fighting for its identity, isn’t it? The society must come under only one institution, one culture and only one law which, for god’s sake, will be ours,” he continued, unaware of the fact that even walls could have ears. “We will eradicate others not by killing them, but by inflating the society with us and, by that way, we would not even commit any sin either. So my friends, don’t ever be afraid of having more babies, for they are going to be the flag-bearers of our community. And for what reason is our people and secret communities there? We will take care of them,” he said rather taking pride in all his beliefs and doctrines.

Aghast by the conversation, I still listened them stealthy. “We will rule this world, and there would be only one righteousness and that would abide by our community’s law. No other culture would ever emanate from then on. The task you have to perform is easy, you have to only spread the word and help us broaden our community in every nook & corner of the earth,” were last words that I could hear from his toxic mouth just when my phone, actually the shit in my pocket, rang loudly; and they dispersed with that turbulence around their territory.

But don’t be scared as they won’t kill anybody and would hardly even touch us. They would only suffocate us on this tiny little earth; and would either make us like they are or make us like some voiceless people who are trying to convey a message in front of a blind law & community, where our views of diversity would not only be discarded but also be annihilated by their mighty force of unity and oneness. 


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