When Life becomes miserable


Everybody who lies in the circle of human life feels miserable and pathetic at some point of their life. Be it the greatest of sportsmen or the greatest of artists or the greatest of businessmen, they have all been despondent at some stage of their career. But, interestingly, as the time passes, we all find some ways by which our body unites with our soul.

And for me, it’s just watching the humans that take my miseries away. After seeing the people on the roads, bazaars, malls or any other place, I feel that blood starts running again in my body. Now, whenever I feel miserable, I just know it’s time to watch people and their smiles, and their cries, and their eeriness.

I leave behind everything, put my hands in my pocket and just walk around to observe people in the tiny little area wherever my legs take me. Then I don’t know how the harmonic reaction in my eyes and mind injects pleasure, and I feel happy & blessed more than ever.

I believe spending time in solitude is the key for me. Spending time with myself makes me happy and relieved. As I see the real people, I can’t resist my brain to fabricate stories around them and I guess, that’s why I want to become a writer.



9 thoughts on “When Life becomes miserable

  1. Yes I do agree with your post.
    Humans have infinite problems, and every problem has a solution. What we need to do is think calmly, observe small things which will motivate us further. Like a mother bird feeding it’s young one, beautiful sunset and sunrise, dew on grass. There are many more things like these. I think that ultimate source of inspiration is nature. It teaches us everything…..
    May you become the best writer. BEST WISHES to you….

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      1. Definitely… and more importantly, you get to learn things on your own.. you learn what’s right and what’s wrong if you observe it smartly

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