Education has nothing to do with smoking

Despite knowing the consequences of smoking that how injurious it can be to one’s health, some of the wisest people on this planet still smoke. I always wondered how can they even take a puff when they are carrying the burden of leading thousands of people on their shoulders.

When I was young, I thought only the illiterate & poor men smoke, but as I grew up, I realised poor & rich are all equal in the realms of smoking. Earlier, I thought it’s OK for the poor to smoke as they might not know the consequences of it. But why the ones living in those posh bungalows, working in those sky-scrappers and, horrifyingly, after studying from some of the best schools smoked was always a mystery to me.

Like every individual who starts questioning less by the time they grow up and take things as they are, similarly, I never really tried to put my brain to it except for my father.

But when a few days ago, I moved to the millennium city of India to get new exposure to my career and saw women smoking in equal swagger and style just like men, I got disturbed and wondered how on earth can the pretty women smoke. Beautiful and intelligent people don’t smoke, I thought till then. I knew women smoked, but seeing them smoke too extravagantly really disturbed me.

Meanwhile, the wonder of my sub-conscious mind illuminated all those childhood memories of mine hating smokers. And now, to that old list of rich & poor men, I could add women in the same.

And as I was enjoying my favourite time pass or rather my passion of seeing & observing people, their habits & their lifestyle, I realised women overpowered my vision, and I almost forgot the men tied in those fancy suit-boots were smoking no less. After seeing the people smoking even though they were working in some of the leading companies of the world, I realised it’s not the education that decides who smokes or not but something else.

I knew that they knew smoking is injurious to health and was taking their life and money, but still, they smoke. When I wasn’t able to contemplate much about their smoking addiction, I thought it would be better if I ask one of my colleagues, Mr V.

Mr V after taking his last puff from his Marlboro, smilingly replied, “These are your starting days in this corporate world, my boy! When your workload will increase, you will want something to relieve that workload. Your desperation to perform better, or rather to get the promotion, and also to outperform the challenges of your colleagues will want some fuel, my boy! And by now, you must have realised what that fuel is.

“Your environment, peer circle or something called stress and tension in our pint-sized brain will force you to get some pleasure out from your monotonous life. And once you would take first puff, you would enter into a world of awesomeness where these pipes would manage all your stress levels. When one becomes vulnerable just like a fish without water, why shouldn’t they smoke? When it takes all pressure out, when it leaves them with a sense of pleasure and relief, why, my boy, why shouldn’t they smoke?” he said rather haughtily.

After listening to that sagacious colleague of mine, I realised he might be right in his justification, and that’s why smoking has nothing to do with rich or poor, men or women, literate or illiterate. Horrifyingly, I also realised one more truth that the people who are meant to solve the problems smartly are themselves mired in stress.

Even though they know all the ill hazards of smoking and still want to enjoy their pleasure first, I have nothing to say, but I would humbly request them not to do only two things. One, to not smoke in front of the children for most of the youngsters and children their elders are their heroes and role models. Children try to imitate what their elders do. And as they will become the future leaders of their arenas, I wish smoking doesn’t debilitate their spirits.

Other, to refrain smoking in front of the older citizens. As they are already at their latter stage of their life, one’s smoking habits might curtail their life’s journey.


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