Her Fantasy

Crossing the chasms of her life with his hand clenched to hers is her fantasy. She lives in the realms of her dreams where her every difficulty, her every obstacle would have a guardian in his form.

She believes his camaraderie would unwind her every dilemma. She believes his chivalry would outweigh the anxiety of her present and past. She believes his generosity would soothe her soul like a mother to her baby. He would be her hope in her despair, and her solace in her angst.

But time is her only enemy; every passing minute is making her fall apart into atoms of fear and anxiety; every passing second is shrinking her time to be with him. She is suffering from her vulnerabilities and insecurities of womanhood.

Oh, Venus! Oh, Aphrodite! Oh, the Goddesses of love! Listen to her cravings and save her from this tyranny.

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