Daily Prompt: Mope

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

Stephen King

Every new year comes with new hopes and possibilities. We plan and set our goals for the year, make new resolutions that we think we might accomplish this year, unlike the previous times.

We also hope that our past miseries will alleviate. But perhaps we forget about the tough times that might befall on our path. We forget about all the new challenges that we might face. Interestingly, I know why we don’t like struggles and challenges in our life. But I fail to understand why we want an unchallenging mundane life when all we will attain from it is hardly anything apart from a little comfort.

So I hope this new year comes with new challenges at least for me no matter how demanding they will be. I know tough times can shatter anybody, but I know they can’t mope my soul. They will only make me more resolute towards my dream.

I know everybody wants to make this new year count in their journey of life. But I believe a year without challenges is a life without learning. So I hope everybody busy making their life easy, add some challenges to it for it’s only the tough times that makes us stronger.


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