Recharge your batteries daily- You are your own superhero

Motivation is a tool we all require in our life. It’s a tool that can take us to our destiny, for one has to be motivated in order to achieve what they want. One has to have the drug of inspiration running through their veins to reach where they desire. Undoubtedly, some motivation – internal or external – is necessary for taking one to their destiny.

Motivation comes in the form of inspiration. We get inspiration from some of our daily experiences and that transforms into the motivation we require. Watching an athlete crying after accomplishing his dream despite the odds being against or watching a physically impaired person using his legs to write from his hands can, doubtlessly, inspire any human.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily,” said Zig Ziglar, an American motivational speaker.

From an insect, bird, animal to any human being, we can get inspiration from any living creature out there. If we look through the lens of inspiration, we can see, we all inspire each other, we all push each other to do better, to achieve more. But for how long do these inspirations last- Do they last forever? Or is there an expiry date attached to it?

Those- who try to push their limit- know that motivation often falls short in their pursuit to achieve what they desperately desire. People start their journey with so much enthusiasm, but somewhere in their journey, they often fall short of their target.

For some, motivation lasts for minutes and for some a few days, but very rarely for weeks or lifetime. Sahil, my friend, always thought that he needed only a starting point and then, his desire will take him through; he thought that his desire won’t fall back like others’. He will give up his time and his peace and his sleep for only one thing. He knew, that he will have to struggle in order to achieve what he wants. But his motivation didn’t last long, he failed. Failed so miserably that he cursed himself for even thinking of deviating from his monotonous life. He damned the person who gave him that desire to cut all the relations with his friends and family.

But did he really lost his way? Or the fuel of motivation was over? He asked himself again whether he wanted to go ahead with his dream or do what others are doing. He knew that, after facing so much in life if he will go back, he won’t ever feel satisfied with his life.

One day, out of his pain and suffering, he unselfconsciously typed Motivational Speeches on YouTube. He saw them and felt blessed of what he was doing. He realised that only very few follow their gut feelings and he was one of them.

Those motivational speeches again recharged his batteries but only for a week, and again the exasperation, the anxiety, the fear took control of his body and soul. He felt terrified to even think of his dream. Again, he was cursing the moment that inspired him to come out of the flock and live his life.

This time, however, the videos on YouTube didn’t work that well. He said, “It’s a joke- life is a joke. First, they will tell you to pursue what you love, showing that that is the ultimate bliss. And then, when you are tired of doing what you want, you won’t find those persons in the first place.”

He asked himself, “Where do they go? Where do they go when you are down and out, and know nothing about your next step? Why does it happen to those who want to do something?” He cried and cried, but couldn’t reach a decision.

Wandering in a park one day, he saw a rickshaw puller – tanned black, sweating from every part of his body – carrying sacks. The penury might have ruined his life, but he was still doing the hardship, may be for his children or his wife.

Albeit the rickshaw puller came and went, but he somehow made a lasting image on my friend’s mind. This incident might have been an insignificant one for the rest of the world, but he got inspired: he realised no matter how hard it is to achieve one’s goals, one has to get a reward for all their miseries and sufferings. If a rickshaw puller from a slum can work so laboriously throughout his life, then why can’t he – born with so much luxury- can achieve his dream? Why can’t he defeat his inner critic and become his own superhero?

He realised that he will have to learn from every situation of his life, he will have to find inspiration from everywhere. He realised that struggling is just another name for the life.

Only one person is there with you always – that’s the same person whom you see in the mirror. So, that’s the only person that can keep you inspiring.

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