Jugaad India Moment

JUGAAD- it’s a colloquial Indian term for an innovative fix or rather making the best out of the available resources. In fact, any form of improvisation is Jugaad. We can even define it as a panacea to any problem, inconvenience or distress, while at the same time acknowledging rapidity, effortlessness, and cheapness.

A few days ago, I saw a Santro-truck or rather a car turned into a conveyance for goods. “Ah! That’s a great Jugaad,” I thought, the height of Jugaad maybe. The front portion of the driver and his assistant was fully preserved, at the same time perfectly welded and sealed from the middle by utilising the rear glass and the roof top of the car. Therefore, converting the passenger seats and the boot space to provide enough space for carrying the day to day goods within short distances.

The Jugaad moment


Photo Challenge: Rare





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