Olympic Is Not A waste of money after all

Amid the fears of pervasive zika virus and the negative publicity, the Olympic games at Rio are open now. The pre-Olympic tales have often been bleak: terror, pollution, and corruption are an integral part of it. But the Olympic anecdotes rarely features them; they have always been about the struggles of individuals and their sportsman spirit even at the ousting of their throne.

This Olympic has also not been constrained by such incidences, one example that caught world’s eye recently was the selfie of Lee Eun Ju of South Korea with Hong Un Jong of her country’s traditional rival North Korea.


That Selfie Moment


These occasional incidences – when the player forgets about the perpetual rivalries & past relationships of their nations by putting one step forward in bringing harmony between the countries – inspire the world.

Surely the Olympic spirit, or rather the sportsmanship, is based on the pillars of integrating the societies & camaraderie between the individuals as well as countries.

Moreover, that is why the games are held in the first place – to make this world a peaceful and better place. Any competition comes after that, and no ebb and flow in a person’s performance should hamper his/her sportsmanship.

Everybody knows that no player can have a cake walk at the Olympic to win a medal. They battle their critics outside and the critics inside, have to control their nerves, prevent injuries, maintain discipline and do many different things which we can’t even think of. So, reaching there at Olympics per se makes them the Champion.

I hope more such instances will enlighten this complicated world and help it to counter the effects of bigotry, prejudice, and narrow-mindedness.

Indeed, few will remember the gold medalist, and very few will remember silver and bronze medalists, but, in fact, many will remember this gesture for years to come.


6 thoughts on “Olympic Is Not A waste of money after all

  1. Really good post! I like the feel of your. Blog and the whole layout is very good and really pulls the person in. The pictures and the writing work so well together. You don’t feel stifled by the writing and the message you give is clear and out there.
    Amazing job!

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