Stubborn no more


My love for Cricket & my love for English run parallel like railway tracks. I always dreamt of giving interviews in the post-match ceremonies & after seeing the likes of Richie Benaud, Tony Grieg & Michael Slater &c, I realised English is the only tool to have for an assertive communication. And Since I was 9-year-old, my thoughts have always been manoeuvred by them.

But these were only thoughts that always remained at the core of my heart & never blossomed into reality- I never became a cricketer as I never even tried to become one lest I might FAIL, & English never got through my veins.

As the time went on, my love for cricket transformed into the love for sports & now my thoughts tacitly whispered, “I want to be a sportsman- a professional tennis player or golfer”.

Never ever in my school days or college life, I tried to pursue my dream & permeate myself with English Literature. I did, however, go for the trails of cricket, but never went pass the trials.

Moreover, at the back of my mind, both of these stubborn loves cemented their place & never abated.

When in college after 7 unsuccessful interviews, I somehow cleared the 8th one. Still, my thoughts told that it was my English that betrayed me, while never saying a word about my confidence.

Nonetheless, after getting placed I was still hopeful of becoming a sportsman- thinking I might have money & will invest in myself – but this time, I didn’t have TIME- surely 9 to 6 job & approximately 2 hours of travelling both ways, I had but a little time.

However, I always remained stubborn about my English- how can I lose my both childhood loves! So, I left my job in pursuit of becoming a writer & a speaker that can influence the world & can probably make a dent in the Universe.

My dream to pose like this as a commentator at Lords

Richie Benaud, unarguably the best commentator in the cricketing world.

This time, however, I told myself to go all out, to give everything that I have to put my heart & soul in order to chase my dream & stop fear from controlling me.

Books have taken the place of all the thoughts that ever had. Now, these books manoeuvre me. I can’t make excuses anymore. I have changed myself from a stubborn thinker to a determined workaholic to a reader to a blogger.

I am adamant!
I am dogged!
I am headstrong!

My life has changed after leaving the job: I know what struggles are; I know I will have to face them again & again along with failures.

Albeit, I don’t know how & when I will reach my goal, but all I know is either I am going to conquer it or die in pursuit of becoming a writer & a speaker.

To quote Jim Rohn, “When the end comes for you, let it find you conquering a new mountain. Not sliding down an old one.”

The new stubborn adamant life.

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12 thoughts on “Stubborn no more

    1. You have a good following on WordPress, & I think you are a good writer as well.
      Can advise me something?
      Any remarks about my post?
      Anything that can help me to accomplish my dream.


      1. Well , Am no writer and I know that. So I really cannot advise you on dream. But I love followers , love it when someone likes /read my post. It is encouragement , Isn’t it 🙂 .
        I read a lot, I use tags to find new post , other bloggers , whom I might be interested to read. Sometimes they follow back. In the end content is the king. Write good stuff , read other blogs (so they can find your blog). WordPress also has blogging courses. I took one in Jan and learned a lot there about blogging. Here is link :

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