Do’s and Dont’s to have a pleasant mind.

Gautam Buddha on Pleasant & Unpleasant Mind


  • No matter the situation you are in, seeing a smiling yourself in the mirror will always make you happy.
  • You must HPOE- the only thing you have when the chips are down.
  • As oxygen is for the survival of human being, READING & RUNNING are for a pleasant mind.
  • Meditation & Healthy foods another MUST HAVES for a pleasant mind.
  • Have PASSION in your life.
  • Surround yourself with winners, those people, who have some motive in their life, rather than with the ones, who are accidentally born.
  • Listening to motivational speeches. Best Motivational Video – Speeches Compilation 1 Hour Long
  • You must travel

  • When feeling low, look for the things you have achieved rather than the crying for the things you have missed.
  • Waking up like a victor, not a victim.
  • Watching friends.


  • Never, ever…. ever ever ever… ever ever ever… lose FAITH in your abilities & yourself.
  • Loneliness underpins all the unpleasantness in life.You can’t have pleasant mind if you don’t have a companion, be it parents, friends, GF/BF or siblings.
  • Don’t look for the things you will be losing, but the things you might will conquering.
  • Don’t, ever, be complacent in your life.
  • Spicy as well as Fried foods are a Big NO.
  • No matter how good & how strong you are, leave those friends, who make you the butt of every ridicule because it psychologically affects.
  • Don’t blame anybody for your anguish, you, only, are the captain of your ship.

But, in order for you to have these do’s working & don’ts not, You must spend some time with yourself to control those senses, whom you feel are vulnerable.


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