Some Random Lines




The Grace with which her countenance cherishes her enchanting smile, any human being on this planet earth could be bewitched.




Struggle–  A situation where everybody gets frustrated, yet no one ever returns without growing intellectually.


The wicked act of judging our parents, for whatever they did in our childhood to bring about a new you, is sacrilegious.


A person, in our society, is acknowledged by the wealth he possesses,  rather than the work he does.


Red pills will always, no matter when, where & why you take it, Debilitate the one, who wants to embrace the intimidating truth of life.


Never be afraid of losing friends, be always afraid of losing Good ones.


Nobody is good; Nobody is bad; they are just how our mind’s eye perceive them to be.


Creativity & Thinking- the two most vital pillars of some artist’s life- have always been against the backdrop of imitating subtly.


When millions of thought get muddled up, they emanate a novel, not an innate, thought.


 Some run to digest their food, some run to have their food.


He thought,
He fought,
He gave it all,
But he lost,
Even before it kick-off.


He was only unique like everybody else.


Every loser appeases himself by saying, “I am proud of myself, I gave it all”.


His pen uttered a feeling, that his lips were devoid of.


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